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Badger fat
Badger fat Вы сэкономите 5.00 грн.
65.00 грн. 70.00 грн.
Badger fat is a highly effective therapeutic drug which is actively used in folk and traditional medicine. Natural oils useful for adults and for children. It contains many useful minerals, acids which are necessary for the life of the whole organism. A natural product has anti-inflammatory, assists..
Dog fat
Dog fat Вы сэкономите 25.00 грн.
65.00 грн. 90.00 грн.
Looking for where to buy dog fat? The company TRAVELMARKET is selling animal fats at the best price in Ukraine.  Buy some dog fat from us and we'll get it to your house fast.  Dog fat is a tool which for centuries used in folk medicine of different countries. Due to the unique chem..
Elderberry (fruit)
Elderberry (fruit) Вы сэкономите 6.00 грн.
16.00 грн. 22.00 грн.
The elderberry will not only ease cold symptoms, but because of the vitamins and minerals, strengthen the immune system and make it less vulnerable to different kinds of infections. What properties is fraught with the elderberry? Interested?.. First, let's answer the question - what is this plan..
Grape seed oil
Grape seed oil Вы сэкономите 10.00 грн.
85.00 грн. 95.00 грн.
Herbal tea Against hypertension"
Herbal tea Against hypertension" Вы сэкономите 5.00 грн.
20.00 грн. 25.00 грн.
Hypertension can occur at any age, but mostly affects older people. Operates without any symptoms and often the symptoms become noticeable only when damage to the heart or kidney. Hypertension should be diagnosed as soon as possible and treatment can and should be maintained with herbs. Persons w..
Humulus lupulus
Humulus lupulus Вы сэкономите 3.00 грн.
15.00 грн. 18.00 грн.
Hops - medicinal properties, application, use Hops is a perennial plant from the same family as the hemp. In Ukraine it grows wild in moist thickets, but you can grow it and for the pharmaceutical industry and brewing. Hops has very wide application as a medicinal raw material.  Hops has a ve..
Leonuri herba
Leonuri herba Вы сэкономите 2.00 грн.
14.00 грн. 16.00 грн.
Motherwort - Leonurus. Genus of perennial or biennial herbaceous plants of the family Lamiaceae or Mint. Other names: lion's tail, mom's grass, cabaca nettle. Description: upright, spiny shrub up to 5 metres. The flowers are pale pink, purple, very hairy. The leaves are dark green above, pale ..
Linden Вы сэкономите 4.00 грн.
14.00 грн. 18.00 грн.
Linden (Tilia) is a genus of trees of the family Malvaceae. Types of lime: there are about 30 species of Linden, including two nibelheim: small-leaved lime (Tilia cordata), broad-leaved lime (Tilia platyphyllos). Dating we and silver (Tilia tomentosa), American (Tilia americana), Crimean (Tilia e..
Sambucus nigra
Sambucus nigra Вы сэкономите 5.00 грн.
15.00 грн. 20.00 грн.
Elderberry, wild elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) is a plant species of the family caprifoliaceae. Local name - Bosniak, Buz, sambuk, benderev. As a rule, tall shrub, rarely a tree. It reaches a height of 10 m. Shoots straight-up. Young bark is green, with age it becomes grey. Shoots in the midd..
Wormwood Вы сэкономите 3.00 грн.
15.00 грн. 18.00 грн.
Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) is a perennial plant of the family Asteraceae. Artemisia absinthium, wormwood is a plain, and sometimes also dog Rue, white sage, vlachy. It grows wild throughout most of Europe, Northern Africa, Western Asia and North America. We have often found on Sunny hills..
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