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Acorus calamus
25.00 грн. 28.00 грн.
Calamus is a perennial plant, growing on the banks of lakes, rivers and ponds throughout Europe and Central and Eastern Asia, North America. Other names: calamus cane, Tatar potion, Tatar grass, irny root, Yavar. Raw material: rhizome. Medicinal substance: - volatile oil, the main ingredient..
Adamov root tincture
89.00 грн. 100.00 грн.
Tincture of Adam root (tamus, Brioni, nedostupna, Bryonia): - reduces inflammation, - purifies the blood, - relieves pain - tones, - heals. A great remedy for injuries that so often occur in ice. Adamov root (bryony, Bryonia) application: The infusion of the root taken i..
Amaranth oil
444.00 грн. 471.00 грн.
The grass amaranth known in Europe since the 16th century. It was imported from South and Central America, where it was used for thousands of years by mythical Aztecs and Incas. "Amaranth" means "eternal" and in fact, amaranth flowers don't wither. You can keep dried amaranth flowers in a vase in ..
150.00 грн. 180.00 грн.
Original drug BEFUNGIN. Production country - Russia. PROPERTIES: Befunge is a firming, anti-inflammatory, regenerative and analgesic agent. Increases stamina and strengthens the body's immune system, especially the nervous system. Activates the metabolism of brain tissue, increasing the activit..
Mulberry (leaf)
16.00 грн. 18.00 грн.
The periwinkle
16.00 грн. 20.00 грн.
Periwinkle, Mohelnice, (Vinca minor) is a perennial herbaceous plant.  Blooms in late spring. Common periwinkle in deciduous forests. The periwinkle is sometimes grown as an ornamental plant. Also the plant can be found in the wild in the parks. PROPERTIES Part of the plant used are the ..
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