Sambucus nigra

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Sambucus nigra

Elderberry, wild elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) is a plant species of the family caprifoliaceae. Local name - Bosniak, Buz, sambuk, benderev.

As a rule, tall shrub, rarely a tree. It reaches a height of 10 m.

Shoots straight-up. Young bark is green, with age it becomes grey. Shoots in the middle filled with a wide, white, light core.
The leaves have a length of about two times longer than wide. They naaresto-branched, usually consisting of 5, rarely 3, 7 or 9 leaflets, reach from 3 to 9 cm in length. On the upper side they are dark green, bottom-light, rarely pubescent. The lower pair of leaves, with short petioles (4-5 mm long), the others sessile.
Flowers white, Yes, gathered in a large and flat brush with a diameter of usually from 10 to 20 cm, with 5 main branches. The individual flowers are small (up to 5 mm in diameter), have a short cashow usually 5-glavu the crown.
Fruit purple-black, fleshy and shiny drupe with 3-6 seeds. They have a spherical shape and a length of 6 to 8 mm. Seeds reach 5 mm in length, have the form obamanation on the cut triangular but with rounded ends. Their surface is wavy and light brown.

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