User agreement (public offer)


The buyer – a natural or legal person who places an order on the website

Seller – FLP Koshman A. I.

Online store website that is hosted on a server in the Internet at the following address Presents the goods offered by Seller to its Customers to process orders and the terms of payment and delivery of the orders to the Buyers.

Website –

Order – some type of Buyer's request for delivery at the specified address of the list of items selected on the website.


All materials presented on the website are for reference and may not fully convey accurate information about properties and characteristics of the goods. The product description is informational only. Before using advise you to consult a doctor! In the event that the Buyer questions regarding properties and characteristics of the goods before placing the order, the Buyer must contact the Seller.

In the absence of the ordered goods in the warehouse of the Seller, including for reasons beyond the control of the Seller, the Seller may exclude specified goods from the Buyer's order.

Ownership of the goods and the related risks are transferred from the Seller to the Buyer upon delivery of the goods.

The buyer agrees to the terms by pressing the button "Confirm order" at the last stage of checkout on the website.


The subject of sale in the online store is the sale of medicinal plants, fats, vegetable oils, tinctures of herbs, teas, herbal extracts, and other goods, hereinafter "the goods".

Sale of goods that are offered in the online store carries a sole Koshman A. I.

Sale of goods is carried out within Ukraine.

Sale of goods is carried out according to current legislation of Ukraine.

By using this online store, the buyer agrees to these terms & conditions of sale and undertakes to comply with them.


For sale is available only products, which are presented in the online store to order.

Prices of goods are determined in the Ukrainian hryvnia and exclusive of VAT.

The prices of the goods are specified on the website. In the case of an incorrectly specified rates ordered by the Buyer of the goods, the Seller informs the Purchaser to confirm or cancel the order. If you are unable to contact the client, the order is considered canceled.

The price of goods on the website may be changed by the Seller unilaterally. The price of goods ordered by the Purchaser, which is formed in the order for execution, not subject to change.

Packaging and labelling of the goods included in the price of goods.

The order amount should be no less than 70 USD.

The cost of delivery by post are not included in the prices of goods. The parcel is stored for free in the mail a certain number of days postal operator.


Buyer's order may be issued by the Buyer on the website or via the message to Seller by phone or e-mail.

When ordering, the Buyer must provide the following information:

- Surname, Name, Patronymic of the Buyer or Recipient of the order;

- the delivery address of the order;

- contact phone number or email address.

All information must be specified without abbreviations.

After ordering, the Buyer will be given information about the expected date of delivery mail service provider or the date from which you can pickup order. This date means the date on which the Seller undertakes to deliver the Buyer's order in his chosen when ordering the delivery Service. The date depends on the availability of the ordered goods at the Seller's warehouse and the time required for processing the order.


The timing of deliveries of goods shall be determined in accordance with the information provided by phone or e-mail by the operator of the online store and available stock of the company. In case of impossibility of delivery or delivery after the deadline, the seller shall inform the buyer about this on the phone or email.

The seller is entitled to deliver the order in parts.

The goods are delivered by post New Mail, Ukrposhta, Gunsel, Intime, Autolux, the most Express.

The liability for the time of passing the order on the territory of Ukraine from the moment of its transfer on departure are the responsibility of the carrier.


Packaging ensures the complete safety of the goods, protects it from damage during transportation.


To avoid fraud, and to perform the assumed obligations under the delivery order, the representative of the organization conducting the delivery order, shall be entitled to demand a document certifying the identity of the Recipient, as well as the number of consignment note. The seller guarantees the confidentiality and protection of personal information of the Recipient.

The buyer must accept the goods on the amount on receipt of the goods in the presence of a postal employee. In the event of a dispute regarding the amount of goods should be made an act, in the absence of which the Buyer is unable to submit a claim to the Seller under this order.

When there is a discrepancy in the quality the buyer makes a complaint and shall notify the seller by email within 30 days of receipt of goods.

If delivery of goods is made within a specified period, but the goods were not transferred to the buyer at fault, the subsequent delivery is made on the new date agreed with the Seller, after re-payment by the Buyer of cost of services for the delivery of goods.


Payment for the goods is: described here


The seller is responsible for delivery of defective goods only to the extent of the value of such defective goods.

The seller is not liable for consequences resulting from improper use by the Buyer of the goods ordered on the website.


A refund or exchange if you find in the order of goods of improper quality (goods in violation of the terms of the contract relating to the quantity, assortment, quality, packaging and / or product packaging) is made only after return and receipt of the goods by Seller. Return the goods of improper quality comes at the expense of the buyer; upon receipt of the goods the Seller is obliged to reimburse the cost of the shipment (delivery). The buyer is obliged not later than 30 days after receipt of goods to notify the seller about these violations.

If the buyer refuses the goods the Seller is obliged to return to him the sum paid by the buyer, less the cost of shipping, not later than 10 days from the date of filing by the buyer of the relevant requirements.


The quality of the goods meets the requirements of the normative documents of Ukraine, THE Ukraine, the requirements of the certification bodies and standards of Ukraine.


In the event of force majeure (acts of force majeure, beyond the control of the parties), namely: war, hostilities, blockades, embargoes and other international sanctions, currency restrictions and other actions of States, which render impossible the execution by the buyer or seller of their obligations, fires, floods, other natural disasters or seasonal natural phenomena, the parties are released from their duties for the period of these circumstances. The party is unable wholly or partially to comply with the terms of this Contract shall within 48 hours from the time of its occurrence notify the other party and to send a confirmation, certified by the official representative body.

Specified period, which exempts a party from duty, begins with the statement executing side on force majeure and ending when the force majeure or its direct consequences) ended.


In case of questions and complaints from the Buyer should contact the Seller by phone or email.

All disputes and controversies arising out of, or in connection with the sale of goods, shall be resolved through negotiations. If buyer and seller cannot come to agreement, these contradictions must be submitted to the economic court of Ivano-Frankivsk region in accordance with the rules of this court.


All text information and graphics on this site are the property of the Seller and/or its contractors.


The seller uses the information:

- to register the customer on the website;

- to carry out its obligations to the Buyer;

- for evaluation and analysis of the site;

The seller may send Buyer a message advertising.

Seller agrees not to distribute received from the Buyer information. Not considered a violation of the provision of information by the Seller agents and third parties acting under Contract with Seller for the performance of obligations to the Buyer.

The seller may use "cookies". Cookies do not contain confidential information and is not shared with third parties.

The seller receives information about the ip address of the visitor This information is not used to identify the visitor.

Seller is not responsible for information provided by Buyer on the website in an accessible form.


The seller reserves the right to amend the terms of this agreement.


At any time prior to final order confirmation the Buyer is entitled to withdraw from the purchase of goods, if specified conditions are deemed unacceptable.

All further actions after confirmation of the order means the complete acceptance by the purchaser of its terms.