Monastic tea

Monastic tea

Without pathos and unnecessary words - we really value our reputation and appreciate each client. Therefore, always called a spade a spade.

Today, on the Internet are quite a few sites that sell monastic tea. I can't judge about the miraculous properties of the tea and its true origin. More alarming: all sites with beautiful design and texts, motivating to buy the product - quality feedback with the seller, just the phone (or the lack of, or only return form fill contacts), there is no mention of a physical address, warehouse or office. This, often, sites, lendri "phony" or just an outright Scam.

There are many questions. One of which is: "Where to find the seller in case of problems with the delivery of goods, receipt of goods or buying a defective product?".

If this is not a problem - then it's really not a problem.

What do we offer?

- We suggest to buy tea at a monastery more than a reasonable price (with a minimum difference from the purchase price and does not gr.).

- On the composition of the monastery of tea, it is almost identical with the positions of other sellers.

- We are candid with You. Concerning the originality of the monastery of tea!! More than 2 years, we have partnered with a supplier from Belarus. Over the entire period there were no complaints on the quality of the tea. But the origin of very many questions. Therefore, we can only assert that the originality of the monastery of tea on the shelves of our online store is backed only by the words of the provider (we do not produce tea!!).

We recognize this fact, and You solve should buy this product. And, believe me, in Ukraine we have not yet encountered any seller of the monastery of tea, which would have given at least some strong evidence of originality, guarantees and certificates product.

Rules of preparation of the monastery of tea:
For brewing tea in a teapot, based on the day of the appointment, 200 ml of boiling water taken 1 tsp. collection;
Once you have filled in the collection of boiling water, wrap the pot in a towel and let the broth for at least 1 hour;
For tea use only high-quality ceramic, no metal objects should not be;monastery Brewed tea can be stored in the refrigerator, but not more than 2 days. Before use, dilute with cold broth with a small amount of boiling water;
For the efficiency of the brewing, always rinse the teapot with boiling water.

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