How to buy?

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Here, let's try briefly and in an accessible form to summarize information on the topic - how to buy selected goods?

Because what is important is the essence of the payment process described here, and the responses to the main issues of delivery are here, on this page once again go through the basic steps of the procedure of purchase of the product.

You can place your order by registering on our website. Also affordable way of ordering and without registration through the operator on the phone +380987438820

How to place an order with the registration on the website?

To register on the website, please go online to "Register" and fill out the questionnaire. On the specified e-mail will receive a letter with a code to confirm your registration. Next, you need to go to the website under the registered username and password, select the desired item and put it in the basket. Further, in the cart click "Checkout" and go through the steps of specifying the address of the operator's choice of delivery, method of payment and order confirmation. Once the order is finalized, an e-mail will receive a letter with a number and the composition of the order. After confirmation of the order by the operator on the phone, the order is delivered to the Assembly at the warehouse. The order status can be tracked in the Profile order History".

How to place an order without registering on the website?

You can place an order without registering on the website. This requires the product to add to cart. Then click "Buy without registration" and enter the required data. After ordering, you binds the operator of the online store and place an order with specification of the delivery address. If the operator cannot reach you within 3 days the order is cancelled automatically.

How to order through the operator on the phone?

To order by telephone, you must call the desired product. The operator places an order with your contact details. You will advise on all matters relative to the cost of the product itself, shipping cost, D. I. t

How to amend my order?

To add a position in the order process, you can at the time of order confirmation by the operator, him saying what and in what quantity you want to add or delete, or call us at tel....................... Please note that if your booking is confirmed by the operator and is in the status "processing" it cannot be changed.