Herbs fees

Medicinal plants and herbs can be used both individually and in the collection (set of herbs). Considered and experience proved that the training is more effective for its medicinal properties.
Grass reinforce each other, treat comorbid illness, and disease generating and exacerbating the underlying disease, thus improving overall health, some act as a catalyst.

A collection of herbs to buy of excellent quality in our online store herbs delivery in all settlements of Ukraine.

What are the fees? It is crushed to a size of about 5 mm or powders are leaves, roots, stems, seeds, fruit plants in a certain proportion, sometimes added essential oils and salt.

This mixture, in addition to its healing properties, rich in macro - and micronutrients, salts, metals, amino acids improves metabolism. All these components are thoroughly mixed and stored in a glass jar with a tightly fitting lid.

In the online store "Travomarket" you can buy about 100 species of collection of medicinal herbs.


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Cuff, preparating
30.00 грн.
Cuff, preparating
30.00 грн.
The collection No. 56 For the treatment of psoriasis
119.00 грн.
Composition Grass succession Grass violets Grass centaury The herb St. John's wort Grass meadowsweet Grass cuff Elderberry herb Buckthorn bark Birch leaves Fennel fruit The roots of chicory Dandelion roots Iris roots The roots of agrimony . Weight 2..