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So the body function well, you have to deliver essential nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Each of these components plays a role.

The role and place of fats of animal origin in folk medicine it is difficult to underestimate. They are used for the treatment of colds, diseases of the respiratory system and in the treatment of wounds.

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Some improve thinking, protect against disease and even cure heart. The most valuable are the unsaturated fats enhance the immune system and affect the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels.

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Badger fat
Badger fat Вы сэкономите 5.00 грн.
65.00 грн. 70.00 грн.
Badger fat is a highly effective therapeutic drug which is actively used in folk and traditional medicine. Natural oils useful for adults and for children. It contains many useful minerals, acids which are necessary for the life of the whole organism. A natural product has anti-inflammatory, assists..
Dog fat
Dog fat Вы сэкономите 25.00 грн.
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Looking for where to buy dog fat? The company TRAVELMARKET is selling animal fats at the best price in Ukraine.  Buy some dog fat from us and we'll get it to your house fast.  Dog fat is a tool which for centuries used in folk medicine of different countries. Due to the unique chem..