Treatment vegetables R. T. Bogomolov

Of undoubted interest is the book by the author on the treatment of various diseases vegetables gathered in the past 30 years.

The monotonous diet of meat and fish with hot spices, which leads away from the control of the senses, as well as salt, sugar, tea, coffee, cocoa change a person's character. There are irritability, passion, aggressiveness, instability; disturbed concentration. In families with this type of food more often infidelity, children grow unruly.

Famous Russian writer and doctor Vladimir Veresaev testified: "in old age I have gradually appeared a dislike to meat and even more: a General reluctance to a delicious variety of food and special aversion to heavy holiday satiety.

If I were a believer, I would have been convinced that I begin to think about the soul, about God, about the withdrawal from the world". Here I must say that as a baptized an Orthodox Christian writer unconsciously thought about it, because with age, the soul becomes more Mature. And therefore feels better the conditions in which she becomes more comfortable.