​"The only way to keep health is what you don't want, drink what you do not like and do not like it," mark TWAIN said. Revolution green smoothies completely changed this statement! Now in the Arsenal of mankind was a universal natural medicine, not only useful, but also tasty. America already has swept the green wave. Every day more and more people begin to understand that the key to health — at their feet. Greens — this perfect human food. The invigorating power of chlorophyll performs miracles of healing. Adding green smoothies to the diet of any person provides greater health benefits th..
Of undoubted interest is the book by the author on the treatment of various diseases vegetables gathered in the past 30 years. The monotonous diet of meat and fish with hot spices, which leads away from the control of the senses, as well as salt, sugar, tea, coffee, cocoa change a person's character. There are irritability, passion, aggressiveness, instability; disturbed concentration. In families with this type of food more often infidelity, children grow unruly. Famous Russian writer and doctor Vladimir Veresaev testified: "in old age I have gradually appeared a dislike to meat and eve..
From the book you will receive interesting and useful information about breeding, keeping and the beneficial effects of indoor plants on the human body. "Encyclopedia" will tell you about the unique medicinal and cosmetic properties houseplants, what amazing drinks and dishes you can prepare from them. ..