Why and how to take oak bark
Flowering oak belongs to the beech family and is common in Ukraine and Europe. Oak bark is the most popular remedy that is obtained from the young trunks and branches of flower oak. Oak bark is harvested from March to April, when the leaves have not yet developed. The most important medicinal substance of oak bark is tannins (9-15%), which have an astringent effect. These properties are used primarily in the treatment of diarrhea. In addition to tannins, oak bark contains: phenolic acids, flavonoids, triterpenes and mineral salts. Oak bark has quite healing properties Application of oak ..
Adenoids: treatment of medicinal herbs.
Adenoids: treatment of medicinal herbs. ..
Medicinal properties and use of sage.

Infusion of the plant helps with inflammation of the gums and colds, softens inflammation of the throat and larynx. Systematic rinsing of the oral cavity with sage tea, get rid of bad breath. It should also pay attention to the fact that sage lowers blood sugar.

Melissa's not just a sedative.
Lemon balm – not only sedative. Melissa is a popular plant, a spice that can be recognized by the pleasant lemon fragrance. To feel the aroma you need to gently RUB its leaves. Bees love its smell and pollen, weaver like Melissa is a honey plant. Its main active component is an essential oil containing: citral, citronellol and geraniol. Lemon balm – sedative effect. The most well-known sedative effect of lemon balm, which probably all have been heard. Tea with Melissa is the best remedy if you are concerned about insomnia, nervous excitement, fears and nervousness. You can also give ..
Treat abses medicinal herbs and fees
Abscess - purulent inflammation of tissue with the formation of purulent cavity. May develop in the subcutaneous tissue, muscle, bones, as well as in bodies or between them. Abscess occurs independently and also as a complication of another disease (pneumonia, trauma, sore throat — retropharyngeal abscess). Of the abscess associated with the ingestion of pyogenic microbes through breaks in the skin or mucous membranes and introduction of the pathogen via blood and lymph vessels from the other purulent focus. Cold abscess — accumulation of pus in a confined space without local and systemi..
Absence seizure is a brief loss of consciousness. Is a symptom of epilepsy.
Absence seizure is a brief loss of consciousness. Is a symptom of epilepsy. The man suddenly, without any precursors (aura), ceases to move, as if turned to stone. The gaze is directed in front of him, facial expression not changing. The patient to external stimuli does not respond. During the absence seizure, the patient does not answer questions, it ends. After a few seconds, normal mental activities is restored. Memories of absence seizure do not exist, and therefore to the patient it remains unnoticed; the person continues the interrupted movement. The occurrence of typical absence seiz..
Red clover is not a weed, and useful, medicinal plant
For many people, clover is considered a weed (hay, animal feed), but it has in its composition many valuable ingredients for health and helps in several diseases. Looks like clover nearly everyone knows because there's literally everywhere, like in the countryside and in the city.  The use of clover Red clover, and meadow are harvested during flowering. The plant blooms from may to September so that the crop can be harvested quite impressive. Clover flowers should be dried in a dry, well-ventilated place.  Composition of clover: flavonoids are responsible for antioxidant activ..
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История использования лекарственных растений в качестве лекарственного средства столь же стара, как и само человечество. Фитотерапия является одним из видов лечения, который включает в себя использование сырья и растительных препаратов, что является основной частью так называемой естественной медицины.   Уже две тысячи лет, еще в древнем Вавилоне и Ассирии известны такие лекарственные растения, как ромашка (так охотно и часто используемая сегодня), полынь, солодка, календула, подорожник, и даже укроп. Еще больше травяных продуктов, и гораздо более подробную информацию о их использова..
Свойства березовых листьев  ..
Cleaning the body of toxins will help to maintain health for many years. Detoxification can be done with the help of herbs, which increase the rate of metabolism, have diuretic and diaphoretic properties, regenerate the liver, increase the production and secretion of bile, and stimulate the gastro-intestinal tract. Among the herbs, that have properties to clean the body, stand out: birch white, tricolor violet, meadowsweet marsh, burdock, dandelion, common St. John's wort and others. Herbs for cleaning the body Did you know herbs body cleansing?  To purify the body, should turn t..
Best herbs for weight loss
You want to lose the dead weight - the excess weight? So use herbs for weight loss.  Grass is an effective weapon for every ailment, which is also very effective. Of course, the grass itself will not solve the case, in addition, you'll need to change eating habits to healthy and exercise. Herbs act holistically. In addition to the slimming properties, they have beneficial effects on health. What herbs are most effective for weight loss? Viola tricolor Infusion of violet tricolor removes toxins, cleanses the body and speeds up metabolism. Effective metabolism helps to improve the e..
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АСТРАГАЛ корень 25 г Корень астрагала перепончатого обладает ярко выраженным тонизирующим, иммуномодулирующим, общеук- репляющим, стимулирующим образование крови и регулирующим углеводный обмен действиями. Главной осо- бенностью астрагала является его возможность аккумулировать селен, важнейший для метаболизма живых орга- нов микроэлемент, способствующей работе механизмов кроветворения. Применяют при болезнях кроветворной системы, середечно-сосудистых заболеваниях, гипертонии, сахарном диабете,атеросклерозе, болезнях желудоч- но-кишечного тракта, печени, злокачественных образованиях..
People's "healer": con artist or merchant from God?
In school and University years, the flight of creativity is always through the roof. Worth it, just to memorize a dozen Latin words and sentences, to add something philosophical dictionary - and you can "pour water" when answering any question... Remember in the exam, to the question "the Union of the United Slavs", started to tell that "the Slavs, in order to survive in the face of external threats, were forced to look for ways to unify, and more importantly, this phenomenon should be viewed through the prism of the principle of historicism, where each preceding stage is a prerequisite for th..
Блог-старт или "Утром деньги, вечером стулья"
"In the morning money, in the evening chairs" - a popular phrase from the novel "the Twelve chairs", which said fitter Mechnikov during the "bargaining" with Ostap Bender. Even 5 years ago, we were selling medicinal plants (10-20 species) through posadki free ads and forums of the cities of Ukraine. Then, I decided not to spray soybean efforts and focus on one sales channel - the Internet-shop. From time to time "dopium" it, making improvements and working to increase its "weight" on the Internet. This is all simple working days... However, today, the idea arose to add to the store page..
-For rubbing the chest, internal lard, mix with turpentine (1:1), RUB it into dry clean skin 1-2 times a day. -1 dessert spoon of fat to put in a glass of hot milk, drink a hot drink in small SIPS a glass twice a day for 7-10 days. -Black radish RUB on a grater, squeeze the juice, 1 liter of juice mixed with 400 g of liquid honey. Take 3-4 times a day to reduce coughing. -Take 10 small onions and a clove of garlic. Finely crumble and cook in half a liter of milk as long while particles of onions and garlic are soft. Drain. In the broth add 2 tablespoons of honey. Take an hour 1 tbsp a..
Twice a day drink half a Cup of fresh juice of the grass of wheat grass.  -Drink juice from a pomegranate. -2 tbsp of forest strawberries pour 1 Cup boiling water, to insist. Take 0.5 cups . -Daily drink 2 raw egg yolks and the juice of 2-3 lemons. One yolk in the morning on an empty stomach, the second an hour before food in the afternoon. The treatment is 12-14 days. -Fresh juice of the herb calendula (1 tbsp three times per day). -1 tablespoon dandelion flowers 1 Cup of boiling water, cook for 1 min and leave for 10 minutes. Dandelion roots are chopped the same way, but ..
- Nearly all diseases of the liver cures the cucumber. Take the yellow cucumber add cucumber, stable, all chop and pour a glass of cold water. The mixture bring to a boil, simmer over low heat for 5 minutes, cool, strain. Medications are ready. Take tablespoon three times daily before meals. - 2 tablespoons of chopped chicory root brew 500ml of boiling water, add 2 tablespoons of honey, decoction taken hot during the day without restrictions. - Inflammation of the liver drink the juice of marigold (calendula). Steamed 50 g of calendula 1 l of water drink without rules to a full recov..
   Goose pimples - small, red pimples, resembling a goose cortex appear most often on the elbows and knees, but can appear also on the cheeks, shoulders and around neckline and back. Pimples on the skin are a manifestation of dryness and excessive bercianos. Can appear regardless of age, causing discomfort and skin feels like a cheese grater.  How to take care of the skin?  Hydration To recover the good appearance of the skin, you need to take care of her from both outside and inside. Attacked the place acne it is necessary to smear creams and balms with the..
Medicinal plants contraindications
Противопоказания при приеме лечебных растений   А Авран лекарственный. Если увеличить дозу, то проявляется очень сильная и длительная рвота. Существуют и противопоказания к использованию, так как растение очень ядовитое. Адонис весенний представляет собой ядовитый вид. При применении строго следовать указанным дозам. Аир обыкновенный (корни) — противопоказания при высокой секреции желудка. Алоэ (столетник). Противопоказания при цистите, геморрое, болезнях желчного пузыря и печени. При приёме препаратов кровь приливает к малому тазу. Аралия маньчжурская. Не рекоме..
6 tips on how to treat bedsores
Pressure ulcer of skin damage that is difficult to treat. They are painful and can lead to infection. A pressure sore is a common ailment of people who have a long time to be posteli. What is a pressure sore? Bedsores are skin redness that does not disappear under the influence of oppression. Over time, flushed a dark place. Dies ischemic tissue, it takes on a yellowish, brown and finally black. Such wounds can easily become infected. How to prevent bedsores? The most important is the monitoring of the patient's skin. Areas that are subjected to pressure when lying down, you should be ..
Alcoholism treatment: a few folk methods
About the struggle with alcoholism has been written, rewritten lots of recipes and tips. In this article, here is some information on this disease. Will continue to complement the new articles recipes. -For sobering up a drunk needs to take 5-6 drops of ammonia to 1 Cup Holodno water and give to drink. -To leave the drink should be treated bee pollen (bee bread). The first 3-4 days it is taken 3 times a day ½ teaspoon and the same amount of honey for 30 minutes before eating. Dissolve in your mouth. To prevent 2-3 times a week. -Inky coprinus (fungus). Microscopic additive to food o..
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How to prepare decoctions and infusions at home?
 The Decoction (Decoctum). Medicinal plant from which it is necessary to prepare a decoction, or part (bark, roots, etc.) are pre-milled and put in an enamel pot capacity is needed and pour the right amount of water at room temperature, tight-fitting lid. Then put it in a pan of boiling water so that it was submerged in water no more than 3/4 and infused for 30 minutes, occasionally stirring the contents. Next, the broth is removed and after 10 min, filtered through a double layer of cheesecloth, pressing plant. The amount of broth, which though part of the water remains after..
How to store herbs?
Rules of storage of medicinal raw materials Equally important is proper storage of dried medicinal plants. If not properly stored herbs, even a properly harvested and dried plants lose their healing qualities. Damp medicinal raw materials blackens and rots in sugar and starch start to ferment, decompose the active substances and at the end of the coming into complete disrepair. Raw material to absorb odors and toxins that might be damaged by various pests, lose their healing qualities from exposure to sunlight. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to store medicinal raw materials. ..
How to dry herbs?
 As a General rule, zagotovlennye medicinal plants are drying. Just a few of them (Lily of the valley, fern) are sometimes used in a fresh condition. But these cases are the exception to the General use of medicinal plants. Drying medicinal plant syracusae aim of obtaining more sustainable raw materials during storage, more economical transportation and more convenient in further transactions with him. In General the processing chain drying herbs is a very responsible and important operation. Improper drying can not only significantly reduce, but not to destroy contained in raw ..
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How and when to collect medicinal herbs?
  The collection of medicinal plants Aerial parts of the plant are usually harvested dry weather, clear and Sunny days, after evaporation of dew, adhering to the deadline indicated in the calendar collection. But, for example, the petals of a rose is harvested before the heat, early in the morning to not evaporated rose oil, so you need to take into account the specifics of each plant. Plants collected after or during rain, foggy weather, in wet weather, when the dew or late at night, when there is dampness in the air, quickly deteriorate. If the plant changed color (papurell..
​"The only way to keep health is what you don't want, drink what you do not like and do not like it," mark TWAIN said. Revolution green smoothies completely changed this statement! Now in the Arsenal of mankind was a universal natural medicine, not only useful, but also tasty. America already has swept the green wave. Every day more and more people begin to understand that the key to health — at their feet. Greens — this perfect human food. The invigorating power of chlorophyll performs miracles of healing. Adding green smoothies to the diet of any person provides greater health benefits th..
Of undoubted interest is the book by the author on the treatment of various diseases vegetables gathered in the past 30 years. The monotonous diet of meat and fish with hot spices, which leads away from the control of the senses, as well as salt, sugar, tea, coffee, cocoa change a person's character. There are irritability, passion, aggressiveness, instability; disturbed concentration. In families with this type of food more often infidelity, children grow unruly. Famous Russian writer and doctor Vladimir Veresaev testified: "in old age I have gradually appeared a dislike to meat and eve..
From the book you will receive interesting and useful information about breeding, keeping and the beneficial effects of indoor plants on the human body. "Encyclopedia" will tell you about the unique medicinal and cosmetic properties houseplants, what amazing drinks and dishes you can prepare from them. ..