About Us

In preparing this page, first, the idea was to put here the real reviews from customers and store visitors - thus, everyone, on the basis of this, have been able ocenki is, and why, to deal with us.

But since the system itself is the online store allows you to leave reviews and comments on each article, we decided to give a more detailed answer to the questions: who?, what?, where?, when? and for what?

Frankly, we are not lovers and connoisseurs long and sometimes boring manuals, but since you've read this far - you still wonder what is really going on colour picture of the site.

In other words, welcome to "the field kitchen", or in everyday life online store "Travelmarket".

1. What do you sell? Why, and in what situation it is buy?

On sale there are medicinal plants, animal fats, vegetable oils, tinctures of medicinal herbs, teas and fees herbs. Here a few options: the treatment of diseases, prevention of diseases, when in tea appreciated the flavour, aroma, and benefits from reception, or as a gift for loved ones.

2. What problem in life that your product solves?

Naturally, each of us wants to be healthy and happy. And here is difficult to argue that these things are very interrelated. Order the necessary goods in our shop - you can, indeed, improve their own health.

3. Why customers buy your product?

Advantages of our product: price and quality + simplicity and efficiency of the order. Cons of our product: read reviews (no one is perfect, but we strive for it and boldly go wide steps).

4. Tell us how Packed the product?

Fats, tinctures and oils (cold pressed) in glass jars of 250 ml or 100 ml, other units of product: fees herbs, teas, roots, bark, flowers, grass, fruits, seeds – plastic or paper packaging, weight, which is listed directly on the page of the item. To send, the goods is Packed in a cardboard box, a glass container – pukerau, protective film.

5. Describe the stages or logical elements of the essence of your work.

We harvest, dry, buy, store, pack and package the goods. The essence of our cooperation: delivery of goods from our warehouse to your hands. With a logical sequence of this process can be found here (payment), and here (delivery)

6. Compare the product with similar ones? Honestly, specify the advantages and disadvantages.

In Ukraine there are a large number of online stores that somehow are related to the purchase and sale of medicinal plants. Among them are a few that are really worth seeing and with which we cooperate for more than a year. Honestly, the process of collecting, storing and packaging plants (or their parts) is a little different at each store. There is a difference in the place where the gathering and in the processing of the order and the speed and integrity of delivery to the customer.

Our advantages:

- environmentally friendly raw materials of the goods

- really loyal pricing policy

- our Manager is always "on the phone"

- high speed of order processing

- feature on the website "buy in 1 click" and the ability to request a call back

Our shortcomings:

- we work with small volumes

(always reserve a place for your clarifications and comments)

7. Where and who harvested the plants?

About the medicinal plants, most of them we harvest our own. Several times a year we leave on a really clean and remote from roads, landfills, industrial zones, areas of Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi and Transcarpathian regions for raw material collection. Having considerable experience, we continue to consult with herbalists and traditional healers. Of the products we buy from other suppliers with whom we cooperate for already 1 to 3 years. Fees herbs and teas of their own selection, some of those suppliers, which were discussed above.

8. Who is the manufacturer of fats, oils and tinctures?

In the near future we plan with partners to launch its own line of production of vegetable oils. However, until all goods are delivered directly (in large enough sizes - working on opt) from the manufacturers: Kiev, Crimea and Russia.

9. How does the transportation of goods?

While collecting raw materials for its transportation to the warehouse and for delivery of fats, oils and tinctures we help our irreplaceable Volkswagen LT 28 2005 release. Delivery to the buyer by the company carrier.

10. As the product is kept in stock?

The warehouse area is 46 m2. The merchandise contains (waiting for customers))) on special shelves, in boxes, pallets or bags, glass containers - in boxes.

11. What is the name of the company? Why did You choose this name?

Why Travelmarket? All ingenious is simple enough. Due to the fact that our herbs - our store and has the same name - TRAVELMARKET. Chose the consonant domain, top, as always, in this respect, took the idea SLAXOR(a).

12. Give some language activities.

Engaged in selling (retail and small wholesale) herbs, fruits, seeds, roots, leaves, colors, fats, tinctures, oils, teas, herbal extracts and related products. We also buy certain types of goods (from reliable suppliers). And how pathetic, perhaps it would not have sounded – bring in your home health and good taste.

13. "Cut" your business by regions and countries.

Sale conducted on the whole territory of Ukraine, the delivery is made in all localities where there is separation of the carrier: New Mail Ukrpochta, Gunsel, and the like.

14. "Cut" your business through channels sales.

The main sales channel – the website of the online store. Forums, site announcements, social network.

15. How did the idea? What brings you to this business?

The practice of using plants for prevention and treatment of various illnesses in our family there is more than one generation. The desire to extend their own experience and improve their skills and knowledge is always encouraged creation of small family business, family business. It's only the beginning.....

16. Tell the story in stages, and milestones of development.

I remember back in high school our history teacher arranged a home point of reception of medicinal herbs. We gave him elder, Linden, rose hip, hawthorn, leaf of wild strawberry, raspberry, currant, nettle. "Earned" some little money, and immediately bought myself a different treat.

Over time, the question of conversion plants for money, and money on plants arose more and more often.

First, from time to time, trade was conducted on local markets, through forums and Internet sites free ads.

In 2012. have made a simple website, bought articles, links and advertising. Rented a warehouse.

In 2015. use the following format: modern, powerful, feature-rich online store.

17. What are the numbers of your business: sales and profits?

"Working on the name, not the purse". For us it is not empty words, because we don't geimos for excess profits. Considering the cost of procurement, purchase of goods, transport, packaging, maintenance and warehouse rentals, support and development of the site Internet-shop – turnover ratio and net profit ranges from 2:1 (sell for 2 USD. – gives 1грн. profit). Although, due to seasonality, this formula can be quite different.

18. What are the numbers of your business: the number of goods in stock?

The number range can fluctuate as one or another side. The total number of product - in the range of 500-700 units.

19. What are the numbers of your business: the number of units sold?

The total number of given offline and online implementations – more than 10,000 units. However, sales through this online shop are modest. As 5.08.2015 – 212 (excluding wholesale).

20. What are the numbers of your business: number of employees

Family. 3.

21. What are the numbers of your business: the number of clients?

About 600 people.

22. What are the numbers of your business: the number of site visitors, registered users?

The attendance of up to 100 users per day, number of page views - 220. The number of registered users – 112.

23. What figures delivery time you can lead?

We try to send the ordered item to the separation of service delivery (carrier) on the day of the order. The period of receipt of product to your location, in the working days to 48 hours.

24. Where are you from?

Sergei Sinkov

25. Your family status?


26. Ancestors and kin (family business)?

Mother is a teacher in life and vocation, now on the deserved rest, the father is the technician, mega hard worker, now retired.

27. Education.

Higher, master of science.